Welcome to Munson’s Prime

Whether you want a steakhouse dinner or a great farm fresh lunch, we are here to serve you.  Come and enjoy great food.

Tuesday – Sunday

11am – 8pm


A New Dish Every Day

chass hamburger and fries
Hamburger with cheese and french fries.

On the farm, our cook prepares a hearty lunch each day. The daily menu is shown below. No need to make decisions other than which day you’d like to come and eat. Our family style approach to dining is simple. All our foods are prepared using all natural Munson Premium Angus Beef and as many local ingredients as we can find. The recipes have been created and tested on the farm crew at Munson Angus Farms. Farm Ranch meals are served
Tuesday thru Friday from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Week Day Special   $8.00
Hamburger, fries and a drink.

Regular Portion $9.95
Regular sized portion for an average eater. This size portion will leave you with room for dessert.

Cowboy Portion $12.95
Hearty sized portions for a hungry diner. This portion will fill you up. Farm crew tested and approved.

Click on the menu item below to see the side dishes served with your meal.
Limited meals are made, when we run out of prepared meals,  Black N Gus sandwiches with our standard sides of cole slaw and baked beans are served. Side Dishes may be substituted depending on seasonal availability. To go orders call  785-238-1135 for faster service or drive thru pick up. 

Purveyors of Fine Food