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Locally Raised and Nationally Recognized Beef

Traditional steakhouses have long been a classic on the American culinary landscape, but industry standards have seriously slipped in recent decades. Most modern restaurants have abandoned time-honored dry-aging techniques in favor of less expensive wet-aging. Although wet-aging does an adequate job of tenderizing the meat, it fails to deliver the ambrosial accents that provide dry-aged beef with its trademark fabulous flavor.

Munson’s Prime in Central Kansas sticks with tried-and-true traditions to provide delicious and nutritious fare instead of cutting essential corners at the expense of taste and quality. We still serve dry-aged beef that’s tenderized to perfection and features the layered flavor profile specific to beef that’s sourced from cattle raised on grain and corn. We also source as many of our other menu items as possible from within 60 miles of our premises.

The Munson Legacy

Munson Angus Farms has been in the business of producing high-quality beef since 1924. We use natural methods designed to cultivate optimal health in each individual animal for outstanding end results. There are five generations of ranching expertise behind every single cut of our locally raised all-natural beef, and it shows when you savor a well-prepared steak at our steakhouse in
Junction City.

Our restaurant team follows the high standards set by the Munson family nearly a century ago when they began their culinary journey with raising some of the planet’s best beef. We want all customers to feel like welcome guests from the moment they enter our premises until they bid us goodbye after enjoying their meal. Come see us and discover the difference between us and restaurants that have sold out for cheaply produced beef and other food and beverage items sourced from somewhere across the globe.

Menu Matters

Dry-aged Angus beef takes center stage on Munson’s menu. Choose from a selection of burgers and sandwiches for casual fare or from a variety of steaks for when the occasion calls for a memorable dinner. We’ve also got salmon and shrimp for when the palate longs for a plate of expertly cooked seafood. Desserts consist of house-made ice cream with seasonal fresh fruit toppings.

Please don’t hesitate to pay our steakhouse in Junction City a visit and find out what makes Munson’s beef stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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