Gourmet Beef

Why do we call our beef gourmet and how is it different than other regular beef locally available in the mass market?

IMG_0953• We use no growth hormones

• We use no antibiotics

• The source of this meat is readily known. All our meat comes from our locally raised herd.

• Our animals are processed at the Clay Center Locker plant and state inspected there. USDA State inspected meat must satisfy 36 pages of regulations. Imported meat must pass less than one page of check boxes. The origin of mass marketed meat is often not known to the consumer.

• No marinates, dyes, shelf preservatives (carbon monoxide) are used in processing the meat. The meat is totally natural and dry aged for two weeks.

• The meat grades prime and choice

• Not only does the Clay Center Locker plant excel in safety but they also are expert in cutting and trimming to produce the highest quality cuts.

• All our meat is purebred Black Angus. The Munson herd originated in 1924.

• All of our ground beef is processed from locations on the animal
(chuck and round) that guarantee a very high quality product that is 90/10 or 95/5.

• Before opening our own store, we sold our meat (for more than 85 years) to Tyson, Iowa Beef and the Kansas City Stock Yards where buyers singled out our animals to go as Certified Angus Beef and to fine Steak House Restaurants.

• Some farm fresh meat is now available in surrounding communities and locker plants but just because it was grown on a local farm does not mean it will grade as prime or choice or has the well marbled characteristics of Black Angus meat. There is a world of difference in some farm fresh beef and farm fresh Munson Premium Angus Beef.

• The flavor and juiciness from piece to piece and over time are consistent due to the genetics and feeding practices that are totally controlled by us – no distant feed lots ever see Munson Angus Cattle. Our cattle are even more than grain fed- they are corn fed which is an expensive process but adds greatly to the flavor of our meat.

• Many cattle producers look for the bottom dollar to produce the cattle, we do not spare the expense but instead strive to produce the best tasting and highest quality meat possible.

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