fresh ice cream

Homemade Ice Cream

Delicious, Old Fashion, Made Fresh Daily

It’s just like Grandma used to make fresh, all natural and churned daily using all natural glass bottled Emrich Family Creamery Jersey milk. Fresh Jersey milk and a few other secret ingredients from our family recipe make our ice cream taste rich and flavorful. No preservatives are used. The only modification from the original recipe is the use of pasteurized eggs in place of the raw eggs Granma used. ¬†Our Ice Cream is frozen soft homemade ice cream, served in cups. A refreshing, tasty treat the whole family will enjoy.

Munson's Homemade Ice Cream
Homemade Ice Cream Machine created by Duaine Hoff and Les Fehr

Our traditional recipe has been passed down for five generations and little has changed. The “Willy Wonka” style custom made ice cream machine is motor driven, so we don’t have to crank it by hand.

Serving the Junction City area for a decade, this tempting treat will now be available daily, both inside the restaurant and in the drive-thru.


Fruit toppings available when in season.

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