Why Munson Beef?


Angus and Japanese Black Wagyu have especially flavorful meat and naturally superior marbling.  You get what you pay for. Munson Premium Angus Beef may cost more but what are you getting for your money? Why does Munson Premium Angus Beef taste so much better than other beef? Why is Munson Premium Angus Beef healthier for you than other beef?

Here are the facts:
Munson Premium Angus Beef is Dry Aged – Most other beef you buy will be wet aged or not aged at all. Forty years ago almost all beef was dry aged. In the 1960’s processers discovered the “wet aging process” which is aging in a vacuum bag and much more cost effective for the processor. Since wet aging became popular, most consumers have forgotten the real taste of steak. For this reason great tasting steak is the exception, and dry aged steaks are only popular in fine, white linen steak houses and they are particularly popular in restaurants on the coasts.

What is the difference between dry and wet aging or no aging?

Wet aging keeps the beef in a vacuum bag for 5-28 days in its own juices. This causes the beef when cooked to be less juicy and have a wet taste.

Dry aging keeps the beef in an aging cooler of specified temperature and humidity and the natural enzymes of the beef break down the muscle fibers thus tenderizing the meat. Dry aging is time consuming, expensive, requires extra effort, storage and must begin with high quality beef to be successful. Recent studies at Kansas State University show that up to 30% of the original weight of the loin is lost during the dry aging process. Therefore, dry aging is expensive but the result is worth it. The consumer will experience a concentrated and intense flavor in dry aged beef compared to wet aged. To help you understand the result of wet verses dry aging in beef, consider the taste of a familiar product, orange juice, thin and watered down verses concentrated. This costly but concentrated superior flavor is why dry aged steaks are only offered in the finest restaurants, upscale grocery stores and gourmet steak companies.

How cattle are raised and processed greatly effects the outcome of the meat. Low-stress handling, diet, vitamin supplementation, timing of castration, and breeding are all very important. Munson Purebred Angus Cattle experience the ultimate conditions in each of these factors. The Munson Angus Cow/Calf Herd originated in 1924. It is a closed herd meaning, we only purchase new sire lines. The genetics have been prioritized for over 80 years to provide the most flavorful and tender beef available. Munson cattle are raised locally and never experience long road shipping which is very stressful on animals. It is also our number one reason for processing Munson Premium Angus Beef locally. Never are antibiotics or growth hormones used raising the animals and the processed meat has no shelf preservatives, flavor enhancers or other additives. Flash freezing and frozen storage insures the safety of the meat for long storage with no need for preservatives. Vacuum packing allows the customer to view the cuts and prevents freezer burn during storage.

Grain feeding cattle the final months of their life gives more flavor to the meat. That flavor or the prime grade can not be achieved with totally grass fed beef. Munson Angus Cattle enjoy the large Flint Hills pastures of Geary County and even while being grain fed are not confined to small areas or dry lots that are the conditions of most commercial feed lots. In addition modern building shelter is available for the cattle during inclement weather. Low stress conditions are always important for the general health of the animal and to produce an animal that will provide the highest quality beef.
Munson Premium Angus Beef is prime quality – less than 2% of beef produced in the US grades prime. USDA prime grading means exceptional marbling and fat cover exists in the carcass of the animal.

Munson Premium Angus Beef is finely marbled throughout. This is the ideal marbling in contrast to:

  • Thick marbling which will not break down and will be a tougher cut of meat.
  • Meat with little of no marbling which has very little flavor and usually is not tender.
  • Meat with little to no marbling which is often marinated to tenderize usually creates a mushy texture.

Munson Premium Angus beef has distinctive color and texture. The outer fat is cream color, the bones are reddish in color, and the meat is firm in touch and cherry red in color. These visible characteristics will equate only to succulent, fresh and high quality beef.

All literature supports that beef is a nutrition rich protein product. When it comes to protein the consumer gets a lot of bang for their buck with beef which in addition to complete protein provides zinc, iron and b12 in generous amounts. This is true for all grades of beef. What has been less publicized is work done at Texas A&M University which showed that marbled tissue is uniquely good for you. This means prime grade beef is healthier for you than lower choice and select grades. Munson Premium Angus Beef offers the marbling of prime meat. In addition, the saturated external fat of Munson Premium Angus Beef which is required for beef to grade prime is closely trimmed. Intramuscular fat, or marbling, provides more oleic acid resulting in less saturated and transfatty acids. In the Texas A&M study select grade ground beef had the worst ratio of healthy monosaturated-to-saturated fatty acids at 0.75 and thanks to marbling, prime beef had a ratio of 1.33. An even simpler and easier to understand way of saying this is the fat in marbled tissue (monosaturated) is the same as you find in olive oil which is highly revered by the low fat conscious consumer. The low fat conscious consumer will prefer Munson Premium Angus Beef.

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